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The City of Hallandale Beach Mobile App will help riders track the City’s four (4) Cloud Community Bus routes. The application will allow riders to track the location of the buses on the map and provide riders with real time information on the arrival of the buses at a designated stops.

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Introducing The Cloud

This innovative fleet of electric buses in Hallandale Beach became a reality through a generous grant from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), amounting to $3.4 million. This grant was further enhanced by a matching contribution of $2.5 million from the city.

Of this, $1.9 million was specifically allocated by the Hallandale Beach Community Redevelopment Agency for the purchase of buses and charging infrastructure. Altogether, this investment totals an impressive $5.9 million towards the cloud fleet.

The Cloud is an all-encompassing electric transportation system that incorporates electric cars, bikes as well as an electric bus fleet.

Our fleet offers four routes with an elevated standard of service and new drivers dedicated to delivering exceptional customer care. Discover more of our beautiful city with extended bus routes, enabling passengers to effortlessly explore new destinations.

Passengers can also stay connected while on the move with complimentary WiFi available on each bus and enjoy the added comfort of increased seating for a smoother ride.

Ride The Cloud and redefine your commute around Hallandale Beach!

For route information and additional details call 954-457-0532.

Cloud Perks

Electric buses are environmentally friendly, emitting zero emissions as they transport you around the city.

Stay connected on the go with complimentary WiFi available on each bus.

Our new drivers are dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring a pleasant journey for every passenger.

With seating for 22 passengers and room for 16 standing, our buses are designed for comfort and efficiency.

Explore more of Hallandale Beach with our extended bus routes, connecting you to more destinations than ever before.

Say goodbye to long waits at bus stops! Our electric buses run on reliable schedules, minimizing your wait time.

Don’t worry about The Cloud breaking your bank account because this service is on us! Your bus rides are all FREE!

For route information and additional details call 954-457-0532.

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